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How to write emails that get responses

Last month, Boomerang by Gmail published research that provides the real numbers behind the types of emails that get responses.   If you want a response, write an email with:

  • Between 50 and 125 words

Emails of only 10 words receive a 36% response rate, whereas emails of 100 words get 51%, on average.

  • One to three questions

Forty percent of emails with no question receive a reply, compared with 60% of emails that have 1-3 questions or more, and 50% of emails that have 8 or more questions.

  • A slightly positive or negative tone

According to Boomerang’s article, “Flattery works, but excessive flattery doesn’t”.  A slightly positive tone, for example by using the word “great” will get a 15% higher response rate than an email with a neutral tone. Interestingly, a slightly negative tone is also 15% more likely to get a response than a neutral message, for example by using the word “bad” in a complaint email. However, if you sway to far in one direction or the other, response rates drop.

  • A subject length of three or four words

Emails with no subject line get a reply 14% of the time, compared with emails that have 3-4 words, which receive replies 48% of the time.

  • A third-grade reading level

Emails written with a third-grade reading level receive replies 53% of the time, compared with only 39% response rate for emails at a college reading level.

  • Your opinion!

Opinionated emails get a response rate of 50%, compared with 42% of objective emails.

And, if you’d like more tips on how to handle your email, check out our Get Organized With Outlook workshop.


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