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How to become successful on autopilot

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act but a habit.”  – Will Durant.

I’m writing this blog in the morning, before I’ve looked at email. Accomplishing something important before looking at email is a habit I’m working on building, as it sets me up for a productive, proactive day.

Our habitual behaviour controls a huge part of our lives and therefore our results. I’m working to build useful, healthy habits in my life and my business, to help me get the results I want more easily. Wouldn’t it be great if success happened on autopilot?

These tips have helped me build useful habits:

Setting reminders.

Around 4pm every day, I get an email from Duolingo the language learning app, reminding me to do a French lesson. I’ve done at least one lesson every day for the past 116 days without a break.

Keeping a record.

There’s a famous story that Jerry Seinfeld would put an X on a calendar for every day that he took time to write, aiming to build a long, unbroken chain of X’s. An app version of this is Habit List, which I use to track multiple habits I’m working to build.

Making it easy.

To set myself up for success with my morning writing habit, I set out a note of my topic, along with my pen and post-its (my favourite writing tools!).

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