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Welcome to Best Work Yet

We’ve changed our name!  Susan Gregory Consultants Inc. is now Best Work Yet.  Our new name reflects our mission: to give people the tools and skills to express their talents fully and perform at their best.

Why “Best Work Yet”? Here’s the “Best Work” part: We love working with clients who’ve already hired the right people. We help your people to be on top of their game and feel excited about coming to work, that is, to do their best work in role that has meaning for them. We offer fun, creative, unique workshops that give people new ways of thinking and working. When people are lit up and doing their best work, that drives engagement and ultimately business results. Happy people are productive people!

And if you’re wondering about the “Yet” part: We believe that we are never done learning. We’re aiming for progress and not perfection. Every day brings us another opportunity to try something new and be better than yesterday.

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