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How to start a great workshop

I admit it: when I participate in training, I’m judging right from the start whether I’ll enjoy it and get value. At Best Work Yet, it’s our job as facilitators to put people at ease from the moment they walk through the door. This helps them get engaged and sets us up for a successful […]

4 Practical Tips to Get On Top of Email

Many of my clients know me for designing and facilitating big picture, high-stakes meetings, like strategic planning, blue sky retreats and advisory boards. But, I also get excited about the nitty-gritty stuff of business, for example staying on top of email. I am a control freak and it gives me joy to know that I’m […]

Welcome to Best Work Yet

We’ve changed our name!  Susan Gregory Consultants Inc. is now Best Work Yet.  Our new name reflects our mission: to give people the tools and skills to express their talents fully and perform at their best. Why “Best Work Yet”? Here’s the “Best Work” part: We love working with clients who’ve already hired the right […]