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Have you taken a break this summer?

We’re just weeks away from the start of fall. Have you taken some time off this summer? Taking time away from work or study and truly unplugging feels luxurious but it’s also necessary for you to do your best thinking. When you take a break, you give yourself time to think. Time to step back […]

What I hate about email (and how to fix it)

1.It’s passive. A lot of people start their day in their email inboxes. That approach won’t help you achieve your key goals because you’re being reactive, not proactive. The messages you receive are often requests or information from other people based on their agenda, not yours. The fix: Do something important first. Have a short list (1-3) […]

How to write emails that get responses

Last month, Boomerang by Gmail published research that provides the real numbers behind the types of emails that get responses.   If you want a response, write an email with: Between 50 and 125 words Emails of only 10 words receive a 36% response rate, whereas emails of 100 words get 51%, on average. One to […]