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Stop re-reading your emails!

Move information out of your inbox to where it belongs A lot of time is wasted by opening and re-opening emails because the information has not been stored in the right place.  Why are you keeping that email in your inbox?  Often it’s because the message requires one of the five following actions: 1. Move […]

Easily Sort and Prioritize Outlook Tasks

When creating a task, you have the option to add a category, which helps to group your tasks.  Why is this helpful?   There are several reasons: 1.  It can be productive to do similar tasks together – for example, if you have a list of phone calls to make, you can get into a flow […]

Mind Mapping: Help for the memory challenged

Last week I ran a Mind Mapping “Lunch ‘n’ Learn” session for the Canadian Association of Women  Executives and Entrepreneurs (CAWEE). Today I noticed Elizabeth Trew’s blog had an entry about the event and she mentioned she was attracted to come to the presentation as Mind Mapping can help to improve one’s memory.  I like […]