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Doing Less to Achieve More

Tony Schwartz writes on the NY Times website (“The Personal Energy Crisis”) that “demand has finally begun to exceed our capacity. We’re facing an energy crisis, and this one is personal.” He mentions, as an example, a busy executive who has 1,000 unread emails and can’t ever imagine going through them. Tony’s solution is to […]

No more BlackBerry blinking red light!

Yesterday I was speaking to Judi Hughes of Your Planning Partners.   Judi helps small businesses to grow and a key skill when growing your business is being able to focus.  Distractions like emails and the blinking red light on your Blackberry can hamper productivity.  Judi told me it’s possible to turn off the blinking red […]

What email folders do you find useful?

I’m not a big fan of using email folders.   I use Microsoft Outlook and prefer to move emails to the task function and then change the subject so I know exactly what to do rather than re-opening and re-reading a filed email. There is one email folder that I find useful, which is “receipts”.   When […]

Stop re-reading your emails!

Move information out of your inbox to where it belongs A lot of time is wasted by opening and re-opening emails because the information has not been stored in the right place.  Why are you keeping that email in your inbox?  Often it’s because the message requires one of the five following actions: 1. Move […]

Easily Sort and Prioritize Outlook Tasks

When creating a task, you have the option to add a category, which helps to group your tasks.  Why is this helpful?   There are several reasons: 1.  It can be productive to do similar tasks together – for example, if you have a list of phone calls to make, you can get into a flow […]