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How to write emails that get responses

Last month, Boomerang by Gmail published research that provides the real numbers behind the types of emails that get responses.   If you want a response, write an email with: Between 50 and 125 words Emails of only 10 words receive a 36% response rate, whereas emails of 100 words get 51%, on average. One to […]

Halve the time it takes to get stuff done

  Today I’m going to share with you one of my favourite techniques for getting stuff done. It’s called “timeboxing”. This technique alone can halve the time it takes to do important work. What’s a timebox? A timebox is a fixed period of time that you give to a planned activity. What’s so great about […]

Making It Happen in 2016

What’s one of your big goals or projects for this year? You know, one of those things that’s important but not urgent. Perhaps it’s something that’s been on your list for a while. Here’s how to make it happen this year: Get really clear on the next, easy thing you can do to move it […]