Best Work Yet | Susan Gregory

How would your team or organization benefit from using a professional facilitator?    We can help you to save time in planning your meeting, achieve the results you’re looking for and help to gain buy-in from the group so that people follow through on their commitment or actions.  We’ll work with you to design your strategic or important meeting to create a productive encounter, whether it’s planning for the future, making a decision with a team or generating creative ideas.

In the video above, Mette Keating (of Mette Designs) and Susan Gregory of Best Work Yet discuss the vision sessions that they lead together.   These sessions are designed to gather input from team members on a crucial topic for them – creating a space in which they can collaborate and work most efficiently.

Consider a professional facilitator for:

  • Getting input on a creative project, such as the design of a new product, service or space
  • Strategy-planning sessions for senior management or a board of directors
  • Confidential focus groups

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