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Individual Productivity Workshops

For individual productivity, we teach skills that help people to get things done. The results we see from these workshops are that people feel better about their work, they’re more productive, they feel more confident and this has an immediate impact on your bottom line.  These workshops can be delivered in-house, for participants from across your organization, or can be delivered for a team working together.

Individual Productivity Workshops Topics:

Resilience and Positive Intelligence


During times of uncertainty at work and in life, we are required to use our resilience skills to move us forward and through. We all have these skills within us and in this webinar, we will build an awareness of what they are and how to use them in the face of change and uncertainty. Leadership is about being responsible for our world and learning how to respond in the midst of chaos.

In 90 minutes of virtual training, we take a look at how to use our positive intelligence brain to overcome our circumstances and come out stronger with peace of mind, clarity and direction.

What you’ll receive:

  • Five ways to set up your day for success
  • A roadmap of your positive intelligence brain to take you from survival to thrive
  • A framework to manage emotions during times of uncertainty

This session is led by Sonia Grossi, certified leadership coach and certified change management professional.

Get Organized with Outlook (or Gmail)


Get Organized with Outlook (or Gmail) is designed for busy people who sometimes feel overwhelmed by email volume and the need to manage and track multiple projects and commitments.

This half-day course provides an opportunity for you to earn an overall method to get organized and stay organized, while providing you with the technical details of how to use your email application to achieve this.

Workshop outcomes:

  • Save time by using Outlook/Gmail hints, tips and shortcuts
  • Feel in control of your email inbox
  • Reduce the distraction of incoming emails
  • Stay on top of your tasks and be reminded at the right time
  • Create headspace to work on things more important than email!

Improve Your Memory


To be on top of your game you need easy access to important facts, figures and information in many situations. Relying too much on technology means we don’t use our available memory skills.   This session is for people who want to improve their ability to remember names, facts, decisions and other essential information. This course helps develop an understanding of the natural processes of the brain and how to use that knowledge to remember more. You will increase your confidence in your ability to remember and learn specific techniques to help you to store and recall different kinds of information.

Making it Happen (Time Management/Productivity)


In this time management workshop, you’ll learn tools, tips and techniques for getting your work done and meeting your targets. We’ll look at how you can achieve your big picture goals (and get the essential small things done too!) through smart calendar management, prioritizing the work that moves your business forward and working with your energy levels. You’ll learn how to reprioritize as things shift and manage distractions to stay focused on the activities that make you most effective.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify your big picture goals
  • Apply energy levels to create your most productive work week
  • Choose tips to effectively manage your calendar
  • Discover new ways to avoid distractions
  • Learn tricks to make it easier to get things done
  • Decide how you want to fine-tune your own system
  • Learn how Outlook can help you keep track of priorities

In this workshop you’ll understand and refine your own way of getting work done, by learning an overall way of thinking about your workflow and specific tools that make it easier to take action. You will leave with a plan for your current work and renewed energy to make it happen.

Mind Mapping


A fast and fun way to think and plan.

It’s easy to feel overloaded with projects and tasks, lack of time and lack of clarity about big-picture issues. This workshop helps people to organize work, save time and feel on top of their responsibilities.

A Mind Map is a visual tool to capture and organize ideas.  It can be created on paper, whiteboard or using software.   The uses of Mind Mapping are endless. We’ve seen people use it to write articles, plan events, initiate projects, organize their to-do lists and much more.

This fun, interactive one-day course will help you to learn the techniques of Mind Mapping and apply them to real business situations.

We also offer training in Mind Mapping software, including MindManager and MindView.  Software is purchased separately.

Awkward Conversations


Do you ever walk away from a meeting or a conversation thinking, “why didn’t I say something?” (or, even worse, “why did I say that?”)  There are many moments in life when it can be hard to find the right thing to say, whether it’s filling an uncomfortable silence, giving feedback or making a request when you don’t know how it’s going to turn out.

Very often, we just avoid difficult conversations altogether and the underlying problem just gets bigger. Learning how to handle these discussions helps us grow us coworkers and managers – it’s a great life skill too!

Awkward Conversations is a half-day workshop that’s designed to give you tips to come up with the right thing to say.  You’ll also walk away with a starter phrase list to help you deal with common situations that can be uncomfortable!

Train the Trainer


This workshop is for people who want to run learning sessions within their team or organization. You will learn how to:

  • Make sessions fun, interactive and practical
  • Help the learning stick by having participants apply their new knowledge to their work or their life
  • Use adult learning theory to create a logical structure for your sessions

At the end of the workshop, participants will walk out with templates, a structure and experience in designing a learning session that’s applicable for their work.

For people who are new to leading group sessions, we also recommend “Getting Your Message Across” and “Meetings Without Misery”.

Making Tough Decisions


This workshop is for people who have the autonomy to make recommendations or decisions that will affect business results. During this workshop, you will learn an overall process to make tough decisions. You’ll walk out with templates to focus on key inputs for your decisions. This workshop will help you to gain confidence in your decisions and reduce procrastination on tackling tough topics.

We will cover:

Analysis: Be clear on the decision you are making and the impact that you want to have. Clarify what would happen if no action is taken. Define the criteria for making a good decision.

Stakeholders: Define who you need to consult or include for input and buy-in.

Process: Based on the analysis and the people involved, use the right steps to make your decision. Choose the decision-making tools that will help you reach a conclusion. Implementation: Make a plan to follow through on your decisions.

Evaluation: Create an evaluation template to learn if the decision had the desired impact and what you can learn that will help you make better decisions in future.

Innovative Thinking


Innovation is essential to thrive and compete in today’s market. But, how is innovation supported and encouraged throughout the organization? Does your team have the tools and skills they need to generate creative ideas?

This workshop is for anyone who wants to improve his or her ability to think outside the box, generate new ideas or support innovative thinking internally. Both individual contributors and managers will benefit from this workshop.

In this half-day workshop, you’ll discover techniques and ideas to get your team thinking outside the box in many different situations at work. Learn how creativity can be applied to solving problems, improving processes, inventing or modifying products and presenting information. Throughout the workshop, you will learn new skills and apply them to real work issues and projects.

Finding Your Way To Create Balance


Work/life balance looks different for everyone. What we really want is to create a sense of satisfaction with the choices we are making about how to spend the essence of our lives: our time. This session is for people who are considering their work/life balance and want to find the best way to make it all work.

During this session, we’ll look at different perspectives and ways to achieve work/life balance. We’ll use the Wheel of Life tool to look at where you want to make changes and explore different ways to create the feeling of balance you desire.

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