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Next-Level Impact Workshops

From strategic planning to innovative thinking, moving your teams to that next level is a big undertaking. We help support you through that transition with fundamental work and customized facilitation that really gets results.

These workshops are designed to be delivered for teams who work together.


Next-Level Impact Workshops Topics:

Blue Sky Retreat


Create Your Strategic Plan

The Blue Sky Retreat is a facilitated process to help your board or executive team create your strategic plan. This session is customized for your team, designed to build on your successes and create buy-in to take your organization to the next level. This session starts with your vision and includes brainstorming activities to draw out ideas for new strategies to help you fulfill the vision. You’ll be facilitated through a process of prioritizing and selecting strategies, then defining tangible next actions. The process uses both creative problem solving and consensus building approaches to create buy-in. By the end of the session, you’ll have selected strategies to move forward with and defined next actions that people are committed to.

Leading Great Brainstorming Sessions


You need your team to come up with new ideas to solve problems and achieve your organization’s goals.  However, when brainstorming sessions aren’t led well, people criticize each other’s suggestions or shut down completely.

This workshop is for people who want to learn how best to help groups generate ideas, both within and outside of meetings.

During this workshop, you’ll learn an overall creative thinking process and specific tools to help individual and groups to generate ideas. You’ll discover how introverts and extraverts can work together to create their best possible work. Within the workshop, you’ll apply creative thinking techniques to some of your current projects and walk out with new ideas you can use immediately.

Fostering Innovation


Fostering Innovation is a custom-designed program, to help your team ramp up your innovative efforts and make an impact within your industry. Over a series of sessions, your team will work towards a vision that inspires you all to take innovation to the next level. You will define what innovation means to you and learn how design thinking can help you explore possible opportunities for innovation within your business. You’ll learn how to make innovative thinking a daily habit. You’ll discover brainstorming tools that you can use alone or with the team. As the program progresses, your team will bring innovative concepts to the workshop, to receive feedback and continue to refine your ideas. You’ll learn how to prototype and test your ideas before making a significant investment. You’ll create actions that inspire and engage your team to perform at their highest level.

Customer Experience Mapping


Customer Experience Mapping is a way for your organization to ‘walk a mile in your customer’s shoes’ so you can deeply understand and connect to their needs, hopes and experiences.

With this perspective, your organization can innovate in order to more highly target your sales, customer care, and planning processes. The result? Better service to your customers and a growing customer base.

Here’s how we’ll map your customers’ experiences: Think of the process as a dynamic, facilitated conversation between your organization and your customers. You will put yourself in your customers’ shoes in order to experience using your product or service from their perspective. During the session, a graphic recorder will visually capture the experiences and challenges that your customers describe.

The resulting knowledge is invaluable when it comes to building trust, generating sales and improving partnerships.

The Customer Experience Mapping process is highly beneficial for sales teams, customer care, and senior management.


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