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Team Performance Workshops

These workshops are designed to help a group of high performing individuals learn how to work best together.  Team leaders and their teams need to build respect, build trust and avoid personality clashes. We help teams create structure and put together rules to make sure everyone is heard. We teach people how to use conflict productively and hold each other accountable to the results and goals they plan.

These workshops are best delivered for teams attending together, so they can learn tools and techniques to use when back at work.


Team Performance Workshop Topics:

Meetings Without Misery


How to Lead Meetings That Get Results

Boring and unproductive meetings are a huge waste of key company resources – that’s the time of your team! Consider this: Seventy-three percent of people say they have brought other work to meetings and thirty-nine percent say they have dozed during meetings. Wouldn’t it feel great to lead meetings that get results and have participants say: “I feel we made a lot of progress?” This workshop is for anyone who wants to learn to run meetings, save time and get results more easily. During this session you’ll get templates, tools and techniques that will help you quickly plan and lead meetings that get the results you’re aiming for.

You will also learn how to:

  • Save time by making clear decisions with your team
  • Move projects or goals forward through commitment to action
  • Engage people and get them excited about what you’re working on
  • Manage team dynamics

Making Tough Decisions With Teams


This workshop is for teams who work together to make decisions. During this workshop, you will learn an overall process to make tough decisions. You’ll walk out with templates to focus on key inputs for your decisions. This workshop will help you to gain confidence in your decisions and reduce procrastination on tackling tough topics.

We will cover:

Analysis: Be clear on the decision you are making and the impact that you want to have. Clarify what would happen if no action is taken. Define the criteria for making a good decision.

Stakeholders: Define who you need to consult or include for input and buy-in.

Process: Based on the analysis and the people involved, use the right steps to make your decision. Choose the decision-making tools that will help you reach a conclusion. Implementation: Make a plan to follow through on your decisions.

Evaluation: Create an evaluation template to learn if the decision had the desired impact and what you can learn that will help you make better decisions in future.

We also look at how to avoid group decision-making pitfalls and biases such as groupthink.   For people who need to make decisions with teams, we also recommend “Meetings Without Misery”.

Creating Your Team Charter


This workshop is for intact teams who want to improve team dynamics and get results together. You will learn how to build trust and use conflict productively. Together, you’ll clarify team goals and define ways of working. You will create building blocks of accountability and focus on results.

By the end of the session, you will have created your team charter together, which includes a team vision statement, agreed values and a description of how you agree to work together.

Understand Your Team with Myers-Briggs


You and each of your team members have unique ways in which you perceive the world and make decisions.  Sometimes it can be frustrating when your preferences differ from someone else’s, for example, when one person likes to plan in detail and the other is ready to start right away!

This workshop is for teams who want to build trust, understand each other better and find the best way to produce results together.

During this session, you’ll learn about the sixteen different personality types of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the gold standard in personality profiling. You will discover your own Myers-Briggs profile and those of your team. You’ll learn how to work with different styles more effectively and identify actions to use your new insights in your work and your life.

Coaching For Performance


Ask any employee “what’s the number one characteristic you’d hate to have in a manager?” and they’ll tell you: Micromanager.  How can you avoid being one?  The answer is coaching.

This workshop is for people managers who want to learn how to empower their team members to reach their potential. During this workshop, you’ll learn key coaching skills and principles. You’ll have the opportunity to practice coaching within the session and receive feedback to help you keep building your skills. You’ll walk out with a manager’s coaching toolkit, including powerful questions to unlock insights and templates to lead certain types of conversations.

Also recommended for people managers: Awkward Conversations.


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