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How to use what you’ve learned during workshops

I lead a lot of workshops and attend them too. There are so many techniques, tips and tools available to help us work better.

But, the challenge is to put it into practice. What can we do to make it happen?

  1. Begin with the end in mind. Before you start the class, identify how you’ll use it and why it’s important to you. This will spark your motivation to learn and help you focus.
  2. Focus on applying your learning. While learning, ask yourself (or your teacher) how the ideas work in the real world. Think about where you’d apply the tools and ask questions to fill in any blanks in your understanding.
  3. Make an action plan. Any good workshop or class will include action planning at the end. But, to make sure you actually do it, put that action into your calendar or on your to-do list or app.
  4. Share what you’ve learned. The day after your workshop, while you still remember the content, teach the key points to a friend or colleague.
  5. Start small. Figure out a small way to use it every day, even just for 5 minutes. Did you learn a new communication skills tip? Put it into action in a meeting today.
  6. Keep using it! For example, show your latest presentation to your boss and get feedback.
  7. Track it. While you’re developing the new skill, consider logging how often you use it with an app like Habits List. This will motivate you continue by holding yourself accountable.

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