Best Work Yet | Susan Gregory


Workshop Design

We design and lead workshops and meetings for teams and in-house groups.   Here’s how we might work together:


Discuss needs.  During our first meeting, we’ll look at where you are now and where you want to be, and discuss what skills and structure your teams needs to get you there.

Create/customize. We’ll create or customize a workshop, meeting or program for you, seeking your input along the way.

Deliver. We’ll lead a fun and engaging program for your team.

Review. Together we’ll look at the feedback and results and look at what’s next.

Workshop Delivery

We offer workshops that help build skills on three levels: individual productivity, team performance and next-level impact.

Individual Productivity:  Awkward Conversations – Get Organized with Outlook – Improve Your Memory

Team Performance: Managing Meetings –  Coaching for Performance – Team Productivity with Myers Briggs

Next-Level Impact: Leading Great Brainstorming Sessions – Mind Mapping – Blue Sky Retreat